Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beta Results!

I have been nervous to post this or even say the words... The nurse called Thursday afternoon and I am PREGNANT! I was SO SHOCKED! I couldn't even believe her. Hahaha. My beta was 28 and they look for anything over 25. Eek, I just squeaked by, huh?

Tomorrow I got for my second beta. It has to be between 75 - 150. I am so nervous. I have had some light brown spotting and cramping, so I think my period is coming. I am so worried that my beta will have not risen, but dropped. I really don't have any pregnancy symptoms except for lower back pain and little light cramping. Is that bad? My boobs are a little sore, but nothing crazy. In fact, that could all be in my head.

I found this website that calculates an IVF due date and also tells you how may weeks you are... Today it said 4 weeks, 3 days. So, I guess that is really early, huh? Most people wouldn't even know they are preggers yet.

I keep praying to God for a miracle tomorrow. I am so nervous with this light brown spotting now too. I just can't shake the negative feelings, thoughts...that this won't work out.

Going to try and stay very busy today. We will probably go to church, then lunch and maybe a movie. We are starting to run out of movies though, with all the time we've been trying to kill over the last few weeks.

We scanned the pay per view movies last night and there were a ton of new releases we've already seen. Ugh! That's what happens!

I haven't told anyone except my parents about this IVF. I figured it would give me more control to tell people when I was ready, rather than them asking. Especially if it doesn't work out. All of my close friends have children now and they did not experience any infertility. They all think IVF works for all. If only...

I know tomorrow will come and the nurse will call. I am scared to death. Please say a prayer for me.

We have prayed for this child!

Dallas Girl


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