Monday, April 19, 2010

More Waiting...

Only three more days until the the BIG test. As it draws near, I am getting even more nervous about the depression I will have if this doesn't work. If this doesn't work, then all 12 fertilized embryos were abnormal. And, I have none in the freezer. That means, that in a whole year I would have never "gotten pregnant" on my own (if I ovulated). It's really scary and and overwhelming to think about.

A friend told me that she went to dinner with an old college friend. Apparently this old college friend had been trying for 3 years and did a bunch of fertility treatments with no BFP at the end. The first month she stopped with the guessed it! She was pregnant. I know those stories happen, but I am not that lucky folks.

My biggest fear is/was that I don't have any normal eggs. I'm scared to have to try this again, which would be IVF #3 sort of... I don't want to do donor eggs. I mean, I am 31! There has to be one good one, right?

I've been researching vacation spots. I'm hoping we can go to Mexico in June and we just booked a Memorial Day Weekend trip with our friends in their RV. We are going to Austin and Fredricksburg for a little fun! I figure I am not going to let this 2 week wait keep me from making plans and moving on. Life happens when you are busy making life plans :)

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