Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Big Day

I am anxiously waiting my retrieval day! The nurse called today and it will be Thursday morning at 8:15 am! I passed the final ultrasound and blood test this morning. My estrogen was 2279 and my lining looks good. The RE will check on Thursday to see if the scar tissue is passable for a transfer. I am a little nervous. Okay, I am a lot nervous!

I have about 11-13 follicles that are the right size. Or so we hope! My left side is actually doing a little better than my right. I was so surprised. I am just glad that the left ovary has come to the party! I am extremely worried about egg quality, so it helps to have both sides working. I know I have many more hurdles to cross, but I pray that this will work out. I'm scared to have the transfer with scar tissue in my uterus, but I know the doctor won't do anything if he doesn't think I have a chance to carry a pregnancy. Please let there be some QUALITY in these eggs!!! Please!

I am not sure what the next few days hold, but I am so appreciative that I have made it this far!

I take my trigger shot at 8:15 pm tonight. Wish me luck!

Dallas Girl


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