Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Day 5 - Transfer Day

I have such nerves and anxiety. The lab called on Sunday for my Day 3 report of my embryos:
4 excellent
2 good
3 average
3 poor

We won't know the "fate" of the embryos today until right before transfer in a few hours. I am super nervous about their true quality. I am also super, super nervous about my uterine lining. While the nurse and RE say "it looks great," my pep talk from the nurse yesterday didn't really calm my fears. They said they feel really confident. However, I can't shake the fear of knowing there is a small amount of scar tissue at the bottom of the uterus. And, I don't know what my lining truly is measuring at this point... I remember about a week ago it was at a 10. Is that enough? I read that with IVF they want 12-14. The nurse said I will never have a perfect uterus. It's not possible with the multiple surgeries I have had to date. *sigh*

Am I doing the right thing? Doing a transfer with an imperfect uterus? I guess I have to trust in the RE and God's plan for us. I know people get pregnant with thin linings, but I am not that lucky. Plus, I don't want to miscarry.

Geez....this is all so scary.

I'll update later today.

Dallas Girl


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